Starting as a Junior Data Analyst... at 40?

Should I or May I, please?

Starting as a Junior Data Analyst... at 40?

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Hell yeah I'm excited, I landed my first opportunity for a job as a Data Analyst!

Well, it's not guaranteed yet. I'm not celebrating something I don't have, just the opportunity because, that's enough reason to celebrate! However, no matter how this one goes, I'll definitely continue my journey on this path, for a while at least, and I'll see how and where it goes.

Although I have some experience programming, I never had a related job... Audacious? Maybe. But I feel that my knowledge is funnelling into something great.

So I started this online course, before my first interview, with Datacamp using Python, not only to have some sort of certificate or proof of content, but of course to get more experience and learn more about data science.


Interesting enough, I am on my 3rd and last stage of this job application, I have to use Jupyter and Python to answer a few questions and formulate an approach to a problem, and that's where my trouble began.

I installed Jupyter, via Anaconda, I had already PyCharm and also Visual Studio.

However, I want to simply import pandas and 'pandas module not found'

It's installed, just not recognized in my environment, which sucks, because I'm looking for a needle in a stack lol

If I run Jupyter from Anaconda, I have pandas. If I run it from another location, I don't have pandas. Even more frustating, if I run python code in PyCharm or VS, pandas are not found either.


Wait, just solve it partially, it's running on VS, ahr ok.


So, that's basically it, just wanted to take 5 minutes to create my first post in this blog, about my journey, will keep posting my challenges and wins and certainly will post here as well, as soon as I can finally run my pandas locally and get this job done!

Well, the test done, and the job landed, preferably.

Cheers everyone! Francisco Alvarenga Rua